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India’s bid for NSG has become ‘more complicated’: China

Indian Defence News: India’s chance to enter the elite Nuclear Supplier Group(NSG) is next to impossible as China has made it’s intention very clear today. India’s NSG bid has become ‘more complicated’: China BEIJING: China on Monday said India’s membership bid in the NSG become “more complicated” under the “new circumstances” as it again ruled out backing New Delhi’s entry...


Still No-entry in NSG for India, China remains unchanged on their stand

Indian Defence News: BEIJING, China on Monday said it would oppose India’s unilateral entry into the Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG), pending a consensus on the membership of the nuclear weapon states that have not signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT). China’s support is crucial for India as new membership in the NSG is guided by the consensus principle. In response to a...